About Vigor Healthcare

Following extensive experience gained in the manufacture of healthcare products in both Taiwan and China, Vigor Healthcare Ltd was founded in 2011 by Danish entrepreneur Benny Jensen and Chinese entrepreneur, Forrest Feng, to provide OEM/ODM/contract manufacturing services to global healthcare companies on a ‘Business-to-Business’ basis.

Consistent quality of supply is the ‘key’ to success for any company operating in the medical devices sector. To help support this commitment, Vigor Healthcare has invested heavily across its Chinese manufacturing operation and following this investment, in 2012 the Quality Management System was certified according to Medical devices directive – Quality Management Systems ISO-13485: 2003.

In 2019 the Quality Management System was updated and certified according to the new standard ISO-13485: 2016.


Adding value for our customers

New global supply options continuously present themselves and by focussing on innovation and optimisation linked to consistent high quality manufacture, Vigor Healthcare is able to differentiate and elevate its supply by adding ‘value’ for its customers rather than just a low cost alternative.

Vigor Healthcare is a team of dedicated professionals, with significant experience and understanding of manufacturing products for global customers, especially patient slings, rehabilitation and transfer accessories.

The founders of Vigor Healthcare
Forrest Feng and Benny Jensen


More than 15 years Production Management experience in China for the global healthcare and medical business.

Experience throughout all manufacturing departments.

Previously responsible for establishing ISO13485 Quality Management System.

Significant experience in co-ordination.

Large team management in ever-changing environments/requirements.


With nearly 20 years Sales and
Supply Chain Management
experience for the global
healthcare business.

Managed leading European Technology and Healthcare key-accounts on patient transfer products.

Particularly skilled in supply chain management, planning and product development.

Expansive sales experience across Europe, Scandinavia and North America.