ODM Manufacturing

What is ODM Manufacturing?

ODM Manufacturing

ODM (Manufacturing) is the abbreviation given for Original Design Manufacturer and refers to a company, such as Vigor Healthcare, that originally designs and manufactures healthcare products which in turn are then branded with another company’s information for sale.

ODM Manufacturing is when a company supplies custom branded products to its customers for which it owns the original design files.

An Original Design Manufacturer, such as Vigor Healthcare, is also regularly described as a ‘Private Labeller’ of ready-for-market products.

The Key Advantages of ODM Supply are that product specification, testing, sizes, colouring and packaging is already standardised. ODM products can also be mixed products where the customer can request further modifications based on customers own ideas, however this will depend on the manufacturer’s flexibility.

Additionally, the minimum order quantity is often less than with OEM, due to the fewer set-up costs in prototyping etc.

ODM ManufacturingOEM Manufacturing
Access to product designsExclusivity for the product
Own branding & labellingCustomer provides full spec and documentation
Very low product development costs.Higher development and set-up costs
Lower minimum order quantity requirements.Higher minimum order quantity requirements
Optimization gain from manufacturer know-how. Product know-how synergies

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