OEM Manufacturing

What is OEM Manufacturing?

OEM Manufacturing

OEM is the abbreviation given for Original Equipment Manufacturer and refers to the company that originally designed and/or manufactured the product.

OEM Manufacturing is when a company has its own existing product which they want to outsource to a third-party supplier.

OEM Manufacturing is also used for the production of newly designed products which will not be made in-house, but instead is contracted to another company to be manufactured on its behalf. The customer will provide full technical documentation, drawings, materials specs etc. and Vigor Healthcare will handle all other aspects prior to the sourcing, preparation and mass production.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Vigor Healthcare manufactures products, such as patient lifting slings for relocation and rehabilitation procedures for use in hospitals and nursing homes on behalf of a range of customers. These products are then branded using a client’s own brand or company name.

By using Vigor Healthcare as its OEM manufacturer, a client can be perceived as supplying high end, quality products and components, without running its own expensive, in-house manufacturing facility and quality control, saving money and time allowing the business to concentrate on development, sales and additional service.

As a specialist manufacturer, targeting particular market segments, Vigor is able to ‘share’ the many developments and product improvements it makes with its customers that are generated from running such a focused operation.

Vigor Healthcare maintains valuable relationships with renowned international suppliers of assistive technology for the care, disability and rehabilitation sector, through on-going product development, consistent quality standards during manufacture and a commitment to customer service.

Let Vigor Healthcare develop a tailor-made solution for you that is not only competitive, but of consistent quality and in many cases, unique to your needs.  

OEM ManufacturingODM Manufacturing
Exclusivity for the productAccess to product designs
Customer provides full spec and documentationOwn branding & labelling
Higher development and set-up costs Very low product development costs.
Higher minimum order quantity requirements Lower minimum order quantity requirements.
Optimization gain from manufacturer know-how. Product know-how synergies

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