Silicone Foam Mattresses

Vigor Healthcare offer a range of silicone foam mattresses, developed to help users in risk of or suffering from unwanted heat build-up and moisture during sleep. Unlike other foams, silicone foam can withstand water and can be disinfected at up to 95°C degrees, which guarantee optimal hygiene. Silicone foam is also allergy friendly and prevent mites. Mattress covers are made in high quality materials and are available in customers own colors and branding.

Mattress Topper

Alias: Mattress Overlay, Mattress Pad

Silicone Foam Mattresses Topper

Whether it is because of illness, side effects of medication or menopause, some people suffer from unwanted moisture and heat build-up during sleep. This silicone foam mattress topper has excellent breathability characteristics that reduce this significantly.

Material: Silicone Foam core and Mesh Cover.

90 x 200 x 2,5 cm / 79 x 36 x 1 Inch (Adult).
70 x 160 x 2,5 cm / 28 x 63 x 1 Inch (Junior).
60 x 120 x 2,5 cm / 24 x 47 x 1 Inch (Cot).

SWL: Max: 140 kg/308 lbs.

Baby Carriage Mattress

Alias: Baby-Buggy Mattress, Carycot Mattress, Stroller Mattress

Silicone Foam Baby Carriage Mattress

Good sleep is an essential part of childrens development. It strengthens the immune system and promotes learning and growth. One of the primary reasons when children don´t sleep well, is unwanted moisture and heat build up during sleep. Silicone Foam mattresses has very high breathability characteristics that reduce this significantly and therefore, gives a healthier and better sleeping experience.

Material: Silicone Foam core and Mesh Cover.

29 x 75 x 4 cm / 12 x 30 x 2 Inch.
35 x 95 x 4 cm / 14 x 38 x 2 Inch.

SWL: Max: 140 kg/308 lbs.

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