Engineering Services

Engineering & Development Services

The Vigor Engineering Services Team will support your product realisation and verification process through a range of stages starting with the correct sourcing and qualification of the specified quality materials utilised within the product.

Following detailed input, through close collaboration, Vigor will provide CAD drawing and sampling support of materials and prototypes.

Product Pattern Components
Engineering Services
Additional European textile design and prototype support
Engineering Services by Vigor
First Prototyping

Vigor offers Engineering Services
Dimensional Checks
Trial Test

The Vigor Engineering team will also work closely with you to help define and manage the documentation format and procedure to formalise the manufacturing process and ensure regularity and accuracy of production.

Engineering Services 01
First Sample
Detailed Drawing
Engineering Services 02
Prototyping Optimisation

Testing and checking through every phase of manufacture linked to washing tests, material tensile testing and load testing, provides the final element of ensuring you receive the perfect product
– every time.

Comfort Optimisation
Field Trial Test

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